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সর্ব-শেষ হাল-নাগাদ: ৫ ডিসেম্বর ২০২১

২০১৮-১৯ অর্থবছরের গবেষণা প্রকল্প

Division Name

Research Title

Research Output

ফিজিক্যাল ও স্পেস ওশানোগ্রাফি

Spatio-temporal variability of stratification along theCox’s Bazar

  • Mapping the spatial pattern of Chlorophyll a and physical parameters of the nearshore water of Cox’s Bazar which revealed the spatial pattern of these parameters.

জিওলজিক্যাল ওশানোগ্রাফি

Determination of Sedimentological & Mineralogical Distribution and Sediment Province of the Nearshore Area of Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf, Bangladesh.

  • Developed Sedimentological Map of the 3000 sq km nearshore area
  • Sedimentary texture & distribution measured
  • Percentage of heavy mineral including REE & other valueable minerals in the South East coastal area of Bangladesh
  • (See attachment A for sample area)



Coastal Acidification and it’s coping mechanisms of different marine invertebrates inhabit in South east coastal area of Bangladesh.

  • Measured the pH level in the Eastern Coastal sea water of Bangladesh
  • Classified coral and bivalve (marine invertebrate) on the basis of acidification/pH level of the area

বায়োলজিক্যাল ওশানোগ্রাফি

Study on seaweed Biochemical composition with references to physico-chemical parameters of water and bottom sediment and continuation of taxonomic identification, around St. Martin Island, Bangladesh

  • Saint Martin Island’s seaweed associate Physico-chemical parameters has been analyzed in water and sediment to understand habitat (to find other suitable place for their culture as a part of marine-culture)
  • Proximate analysis of seaweed has been determined from seaweed to find nutrition value
  • New taxonomic classification entry of seaweed in the Saint Martin Island area

এনভায়রনমেন্টাল ওশানোগ্রাফি ও ক্লাইমেট 

Determination of marine pollution by assessing seasonal seawater quality and identifying the status of micro plastic in the coastal area of Saint Martin’s island.

  • Assessment of pollution status & heavy metal based on the analyses of data of physico-chemical properties.
  • Determined the presence and quantity of micro-plastic in the Saint Martin Island area
  • Identified the main sources and categories of micro-plastics entering the Bay of Bengal.
  • Mapping the Micro-plastic polluted areas of Saint Martin Island.

ওশানোগ্রাফিক ডাটা সেন্টার

Trend detection of temperature and rainfall in the coastal region of Bangladesh

  • Collected climate data of coastal area of Bangladesh such as Rainfall & temperature for Data Center for future study.
  • Detected the trend for the rainfall and temperature of the coastal region of Bangladesh
  • Determined the variability & future prediction of rainfall & temperature of the study region.