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সর্ব-শেষ হাল-নাগাদ: ৯ অক্টোবর ২০১৯

২০১৭-১৮ অর্থবছরের গবেষণা প্রকল্প

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Research Output

ফিজিক্যাল ও স্পেস ওশানোগ্রাফি

Investigate the status, Coastal Upwelling and Spatial-temporal variability of stratification with reference to Chlorophyll & Nutrients around Saint Martin’s Island, Bangladesh.

  • It has been delineated Nutrient and Chlorophyll-A concentration in 150 sq. km nearshore sea area around Saint Martin’s Island.

জিওলজিক্যাল ওশানোগ্রাফি

Sedimentary & Mineralogical Composition and Sediment Province Analysis of the Nearshore Area surrounding of Saint Martin’s Island, Bangladesh.

  • 150 sq. km near shore areas around Saint Martin’s Island have been studied. Heavy mineral such as Zircon, Rutile, Magnetite, Ilmenite and some Rear Earth Element (REE) such as Uranium, Thorium & Selenium concentration are present in this study area.

কেমিক্যাল ওশানোগ্রাফি

Adaptive responses to ocean warming and acidification of different marine invertebrates inhabit in the South east coastal area of Bangladesh.

  • pH condition and the adaptation process of Marine invertebrate for such pH and salinity condition is being delineated in the Eastern coastal area present in this study area.

বায়োলজিক্যাল ওশানোগ্রাফি

A Preliminary taxonomic checklist of marine algae (Phytoplankton & Sea Weeds) around St. Martin Island and Inani Coast, Bangladesh.

  • Taxonomic classification of 90 different types Rhodophyte, Chlorophyte and Pheophyte marine algae (Sea Weed) for Bangladesh coast is ready to published

এনভায়রনমেন্টাল ওশানোগ্রাফি ও ক্লাইমেট  

Determination of Marine Pollution by coastal water quality assessment and marine litter loads around the Coastal Area of Saint Martin’s Island.

The coastal liter (plastic pollution) has been delineated in the beach and coastal area of saint Martin’s Island